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U Kazika

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Orawka 115, 34-480 Orawka

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Zariadenie 4.0
Czystość 4.5
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Lokalizácia 4.0
Obsluha 5.0
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Kvalita a cena 5.0


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Anna M
Pridané : 2005-07-28

U Kazika is located fairly close to Zakopane, which is located approximately 20 miles south. Surrounded by great scenic views of the mountains, U Kazika offers a quiet place to relax in a clean mountain atmosphere. Near-by is a more than a couple centuries old church that boast marvelous works of art (painted on the actual wooden interior panels of the church) by numerous European artists. One of the great advantages of U Kazika is its location to Zakopane as I had the ability to easily pick-up and go travel to Zakopane, where you will find ski courses, shopping and the bustle of a city. It is also located fairly close to the Czech Republic, if you're interested in touring parts of that country. U Kazika also offers excellent homemade meals, which are cooked by the owner's wife - a former professional cook. The cost of logding at U Kazika is great, especially if you compare what you would be paying if you'd say in-town at say Zakopane. Either way - a great place to just relax and enjoy the views or located fairly close to other major cities for those who like touring.

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